ABOUT Union language school

67 Years of Experience Teaching Thai to Foreigners.

In 1955, three independent Protestant Christian mission organizations came together to form Union Language School, under the umbrella of the Foundation of the Church of Christ in Thailand, the largest ecumenical Protestant church in the country.

At that time, its primary purpose was to prepare mission workers to share their faith with the Thai people.

The Church of Christ in Thailand building at Rachatewi Bangkok Thailand
ULS located on 7th floor of the Church of Christ in Thailand Building


Times and purposes have changed. While Union Language School still teaches many new mission workers how to speak this language to share their faith, ULS also teaches many others how to speak and use this language for other purposes.

Asian Student at Union Language School

For example, Chinese students come to learn Thai so that they can continue their education at a Thai university. Roman Catholic priests from Vietnam come to learn Thai so that they can minister to their congregants in the parts of Thailand where they have been assigned to work.

American businessmen come to learn Thai so that they can work side-by-side with their Thai manufacturing partners to improve their business operations overseas. The list goes on and on.

Foreign Volunteer in Thailand

How will you use the Thai language in your work?

We do not know, but we would like to help you achieve your goals
by providing the best possible foundation for your use of this language while you are in Thailand.