The Union Language School Curriculum


Listening & Speaking Skills

In Level 1 - 3, Students will be introduced to the phonetic script, vowels, consonants and the tones of the Thai language. They will develop an extensive vocabulary and understand basic sentence structure.

Intermediate Communication

Reading & Writing Skills

Students will learn Thai reading and writing systems in Level 4 - 6. They will be able to read stories and articles concerning daily life, beliefs and culture in Thai society. They will be able to understand and exchange different points of view.

Advanced Communication I

Social Problem & Thai Culture

Once these six basic modules have been completed, the student can sign up to take Level 7 - 8 (Social Problem 1 & 2) and Level 9 (Thai Culture)

Advanced Communication II

Specialised Coursework

After Level 9, we offering advanced topics that may be of interest. Newspaper 1 - 2, Medical Concerns, Thai Folk Tales, Thai Buddhism and Christian Bible

Thai Competency Test

Preparation & The Competency Test Course

Union Language School also helps students prepare for the Thai Government Competency Examination given by the Thai Ministry of Education.

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Level 1 will start on February 29, 2024 - March 26, 2024.