School Close: 24 October 2022 – Substitution Day of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Day

School Close : Monday 24, October 2022

Substitution Day of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Day

Chulalongkorn Day, celebrated annually on 23 October and usually observed by all companies and organisations, commemorates the passing of King Chulalongkorn, who died on this day in 1910. King Chulalongkorn, or King Rama V, was the fifth monarch from the Chakri dynasty of which the current King Maha Vajiralongkorn is the 10th ruler.

At the age of 57 and having ruled what was then Siam for 42 years since ascending the throne at the age of 15, he was one of the Kingdom’s most revered heads of state.

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School Close: 12 Aug. 2022 – H.M. Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother’s Birthday

School Close : Friday 12, August 2022

H.M. Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother’s Birthday

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s Birthday Celebrations and Mother’s Day of Thailand.

Every year during the month of August, Thai households and public places will be decorated with lights, decorations, and portraits of the most beloved Queen Sirikit in celebration of the day of Her birth.


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School Close: 29 July 2022 – Additional Special Holiday

School Close : Thursday 29, Jul 2022

Additional Special Holiday

The cabinet approved four extra national holidays in July and October to extend existing holidays.

Friday July 29 will bridge the gap between July 28, the birthday of His Majesty the King, and the weekend.

Friday Oct 14 will will bridge the gap between Oct 13, the day of King Rama IX’s passing, and the weekend.

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School Close: 14 July 2022 – Buddhist Lent Day

School Close : Thursday 14, Jul 2022

Buddhist Lent Day

Buddhist Lent Day mars the beginning of the annual retreat for monks as laid down by Lord Buddha more than twenty-five centuries ago. On that day all monks take a vow to stay in a particular place or temple for three months from the first Day of the Waning moon in the 8th Month to the 15th Day of the Waxing Moon in the 11th Month. It coincides with the rainy season during which the monks are not allowed to stay overnight anywhere else, except in exceptional cases based on reasons granted by Lord Buddha.

Buddhist Lent day means the day on which the Buddhist monks take the vow to stay only at one particular place or temple which can shelter them from the sun, storms and rain.


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School Close: 13 July 2022 – Asarnha Bucha Day

School Close : Wednesday 13, Jul 2022

Asarnha Bucha Day

Asarnha Bucha Day, one of the most sacred days in Buddhism, is observed on the 15th Day of the Waxing Moon in the Eight Lunar Month to commemorate the day on which Lord Buddha delivered his first Sermon, or Dhammachakkappavattanasutr, before the first five disciples in Buddhism. The day also marks the beginning of the worship of the Triple Gem, namely: the Lord Buddha, His Teachings and His Disciples.

In his First Sermon, Lord Buddha taught the Middle Way or, Majjimapatipada, and how to reach Nirvana, and as a result one of the five ascetics who was named Kondanya, attained enlightenment. In recognition Thailand was the first Buddhist country to recognise the importance of the day, as a sacred and national holiday.


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School Close: 16 May 2022 – Substitution Day of Visakha Bucha Day

School Close : Monday 16, May 2022

Substitution Day of Visakha Bucha Day

Visakha Bucha day is a traditional holiday on which the Thai Buddhists, and in general Buddhists from all over the world, celebrate the three main events of Gautam Buddh’s life – His birth, enlightenment and his passing away. The day marks a special occasion in Thailand  and for Thais living in other countries and is a declared public holiday. Communities following the Buddhism religion commemorate the values, traditions and knowledge enlightened by Lord Budhha on the society and celebrate this day with merit making, precept observation and meditation. Following is the detailed concept of the traditional rituals of Visakha Bucha day.

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School Close: 4 May 2022 – Coronation Day

School Close : Wednesday 4, May 2022

Coronation Day

The Coronation of the Thai monarch is a ceremony in which the King of Thailand is formally consecrated by anointment and crowning. The ceremony is divided into two main events: the coronation rites and the celebration of the Assumption of the Residence. The coronation rites are a blend of Hindu and Buddhist traditions dating back several centuries. The rites included the purification bath of the king, the anointing of the king, the crowning of the king, and the investiture of the royal regalia, the royal utensils, and the royal weapons of sovereignty. The Assumption of the Residence is a private housewarming celebration by members of the royal family at the Grand Palace.

Historically, the coronation usually took place as soon as possible after the death of the previous monarch. This followed the custom that an unconsecrated king cannot bear certain regalia nor carry out any religious functions. However, in the last century this tradition has been replaced by a mourning period of about a year after the succession. The most recent coronation was held on 4 May 2019 for King Vajiralongkorn.

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