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Substitution Day of Makha Bucha Day

Makha Bucha Day is the second most important Buddhist festival, celebrated on the full moon day of the third lunar month in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Sri Lanka and on the full moon day of Tabaung in Myanmar.

It celebrates a gathering that was held between the Buddha and 1,250 of his first disciples, which, according to tradition, preceded the custom of periodic recitation of discipline by monks.

In Thailand, Makha Bucha is designated as a national holiday, on which sale of alcohol has been strictly prohibited since 2015.

On the evening, urban temples in Thailand hold a candlelight procession and circumambulation around the main ubosot called a wian thian (wian meaning to circle around; thian meaning candle). Furthermore, people will make merit by going to temples and by joining in with activities.

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Photo by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay